I grew up in Fairbanks.

As a preschooler I got into skiing because it was way more exciting than sledding at recess.  After junior nordics I moved onto high school skiing, junior nationals, world junior championships, and finally the APU Nordic Ski Center.  In middle school I was lucky enough to qualify for Arctic Winter Games, which took me to Nuuk, Greenland.  That was such an amazing experience, I knew I had to try and ski fast so that I could race in more awesome places around the world!  I also already knew, after watching the 1994 Olympics on TV at the age of 5, that the Olympics were by far the coolest thing a person could be part of.  With those two ideas driving me, skiing was the perfect path for a Fairbanksan.  After high school I started training with the APU Nordic Ski Center to try and reach those goals.  So far I have raced in Canada, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia and Turkey; it has been a great way to see new countries, try new food, and compete against the world's best!  I am training full-time to qualify for the 2018 Olympics in Korea.

My other goal is to improve my artistic portfolio so I can get into graduate school for architecture, and I do some fun community involvement with Fast and Female as well.  Lately I've gotten into painting with watercolors as a way to capture the feeling of insignificance and awe that's inspired by running in the mountains or skiing in the sunset.  Landscape paintings used to seem boring to me, but now I've started to understand the pang and exhilaration people feel when fully absorbed in their beautiful outdoor surroundings.  It's been a great experience to turn some of that artwork into cards and stickers that I'm able to use for financial support.  I also love love love to read, everything from Barbara Kingsolver and Bill Bryson to Carl Hiaasen and JK Rowling, from philosophy and art history to exercise physiology and psychology.  The trick is to peel myself out of book-land and back into real life- hopefully in time for my next workout!

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